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Cris and Nuria, inspired by our travels, opened Itaca Hostel in August 2001 with the intention of gathering what we liked most about the places we were visiting around the world. All this with the immense and unconditional help of all the friends and family who turned to help them during 4 months of reforms. We must say that without them this would not have been possible.


We managed to transform some old offices of a very central building into a comfortable, pleasant, cheerful and quiet hostel; designed for all travelers: backpackers, couples, families, etc.

A place where you can discover the city and culture at your own pace.

Itaca's name

When you go out to make the trip to Itaca, you must pray that the road is long, full of adventures, full of knowledge.

May they be many early in the morning. That you will enter a port that your eyes ignored and go to cities to learn from what they know.

May you always have the idea of Itaca in your heart. You must get there, it is your destiny, but do not force the crossing. It is preferable that it lasts many years, that you are old when you anchor the island.

Laugh at everything you will have earned by doing the road, without waiting for more wealth. Itaca has given you a good trip, without it you would not have left.

And if you find her poor, it’s not that Itaca cheated on you. Wise as you have done well, you will know what the Itacas mean.

20th century poetry by Kavafis, versioned by Carles Riba and Lluis Llach

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